The Gurdawara- Sikh Place of Worship

A Gurdawara is a holy place for Sikhs where they gather for congregational worship. The foundation of first Gurdawara was laid by Guru Nanak in 1521 at Kartarpur Sahib. The meaning of Gurdawara word is 'the residence of the Guru'. Sikhs believe in Gurus and the book Guru Granth Sahib. In modern times, there is no Guru in the Gurdwara, but the holy book of Sikhs. Sikhs believe that God is present everywhere and one should worship by heart.

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There are four purposes of a Gurdawara. Firstly, it is a place to learn spiritual wisdom. Secondly, it is important for performing religious rituals. Thirdly, it acts as an educational institute for the Sikh community. Here, Sikh faith, customs, ethics, texts and traditions are taught to the followers. Lastly, it serves as a community center, which provides food, shelter and meeting place. These Gurdawaras are managed and maintained by the committee such as Kartarpur Sahib Tours

The Gurdawaras have religious, spiritual and educational importance in Sikhism. Sikhs worship God without devoting themselves to any physical objects. Even the non-Sikh visitors respect their holy book- Guru Granth Sahib. The Guru Granth Sahib is placed in the main hall on the day and during the night it is placed in the room, safely. The book is placed on Takht under a canopy and is covered in expensive and clean cloth such as at the Sacha Sauda Sahib.

The Gurdawara has a special structure of four doors and every door is named after its importance, i.e. Door of Peace, Door of Learning, Door of Livelihood and Door of Grace. These doors represent the importance of all four points in Sikhism and give equal importance to all four of them. There is a welcoming light in the room which gives a message that Guru's guidance is accessible to everyone and anytime. The Gurdawara has 'Langer' facility to provide free food to people. This is a communal meal served to the visitors. Langer is simple and is given to all regardless of being male or female.

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Before going into the Gurdawara, one has to remove their shoes and cover their heads. There is a warm water canal before main hall, where the visitors first wash their feet and then step into the main hall. There are head scarf for the visitors to cover their head and every kind of toxin consumption is forbidden including tobacco. After entering the main hall, Sikhs bow down in respect and submit themselves to his only God. After bowing down, they have to recite a few words (Waheguru ii ka khalsa, sri waheguru ji ki fateh) of their religious rites and should offer charity or a gift to the Gurdawara. If anyone does not have so, he can offer flowers too.

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There is no furniture for the visitors, but they all are treated equally and they sit on the floor. Visitors should walk clockwise round the Gurdwara or Guru Granth Sahib. Males and females are seated on separate sides of the hall.

Every Gurdawara has a granthi who is responsible for performing daily services. The Granthi is first trained well to perform all such activities. Some of the activities are Kirtan, sermon, Ardas, Hukam, and ceremonial food. At Sikh Pilgrimage tour, we are committed to serve the social and religious norms of the community. We have been religious travel service, by offering low cost travel services to a number of countries. You can reach our dedicated, web portal offering Sikh Tours to Pakistan from UK at, to select exciting pilgrimage deals.

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