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Every religion has its belief system which includes pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is an event to purify one's soul and submit themselves to their God. Like every other religion, Sikhism has some places where Sikhs visit to purify themselves and they make Sikh pilgrimage tour. Gurdawaras are the center for worship of Sikhs and it has central importance in a Sikh's life. They find peace there and also celebrate several rites there, including birth, marriage and funeral services. They find them as they are in front of their God and all of them showing respect to Gurdawaras. Sikhs not only visit to nearby Gurdawaras but travel far too for Gurdawara tours. Usually, Sikh travel to perform Sikh Pilgrimage.

Pakistan Gurdwara Tours

In the UK, there is the second largest population of Sikhs who follows their religion. In UK whenever they get time, they visit their Gurdawaras to worship and also plan foreign Gurdawaras tours. These Gurdawaras has special importance in Sikh's life. We make it easier for them to make Gurdawara tours. As more than 90% of Gurdawaras are in Pakistan, UK’s Sikh resident books Pakistan Gurdwara Tours. We understand the importance of the Gurdwaras and help Sikh brother and sisters to perform their rites and worship their God. We have launched several packages that help our Sikh brothers' tour to Pakistan from UK.

Pilgrimage, tour to Pakistan from UK

Thousands of Sikhs visit Pakistan each year to celebrate their rituals. They come to Pakistan to celebrate the birth anniversary of their Guru Nanak, at Guru Nanak Sahib. He is the inspiration to whole Sikh community and is a role model to follow. There are many followers who follow his guidance and encourage others to visit these shrines. Our website has made possible for Sikh brothers to visit Gurdawaras with economical packages. Being in UK, our Sikh brothers can book their package and our service would provide them best experience of Gurdawara tours.

Guru Granth Sahib

Pilgrimage is not religious requirement for Sikhs but they emphasis on it because it is an event to remember their GOD and purify themselves. They find inner peace by performing pilgrimage. According to Guru Granth Sahib page 973 'Someone may go to Ganges, Godavari, Kumbha festival, or bathe at Kaydaar Naat'h, or make donations of thousands of cows at Gomti; he may make millions of pilgrimages to sacred shrines, or freeze his body in the Himalayas; still, none of these is equal to the worship of God.' Guru Granth Sahib here reflects the meaning of true worship which is not to spend money and time on performing several rituals but to devote self to worship the God. There is no substitute of worshipping God. Sikhs pay tours to Gurdawaras where they worship God and help needy persons by distributing Langar. You can chose your favorite package at, in order to perform your religious duty at nominal price.

Our website can arrange last minute bookings for all; either you are travelling alone or with you families. We make it memorable Gurdawara tour to Pakistan from UK. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and find the details related to your desired tour. We assure you that it would be your best Gurdawara tour to Pakistan from UK.

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